Bitcoin is pushing $50,000 and Ethereum is moving towards $2,000. Tesla is the first S&P 500 company to add Bitcoin to their balance sheet. DeFi Assets have seen astronomic gains and celebrities like Marc Cuban has gotten involved.

Talking Points

  • $50,000 Bitcoin?
  • Ethereum’s in Price Discovery
  • The Meteoric rise of Decentralized Finance

Its official, buying Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020 was a great investment. If you got involved in the movement pat yourself on the back. This year was historic for crypto and you managed to be apart of it. …

This week has been monumental for Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin reached at All Time Highs again! Institutions keep buying more Bitcoin. Ethereum is on its final stand against the BTC pair. Various alt-coins are sitting on support. Ripple was slammed with a colossal lawsuit by the SEC. …

This has been a proud week for myself and it should be for every crypto investor. Bulls paraded through the infamous 2017 top at $20,000. Bitcoin didn’t only break all time highs, we absolutely ripped through them into $23,800.

Talking Points

  • Bitcoins All Time Highs
  • Ethereum lagging
  • Big News

Bitcoins All Time Highs

Bitcoin destroyed $20,000…

*This is not financial advice, All opinions are my own*

Why do I trade Cryptocurrencies?


There are a handful of reasons why I have invested so much time into studying Cryptocurrencies.

  • I’m here for the technology. Crypto has made massive leaps towards decentralizing financial activities that only banks and other financial institutions were able…

Christopher Johannesson

I am an Under Graduate finance student. I have been studying Crypto Currencies since 2016 and my trading is based off of On-Chain analysis and Order Flow.

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